If you’re a Korean food foodie, you know that there’s more to Korean cuisine than just KIMCHI. Seoul Garden HotPot offers an array of authentic Korean dishes like Bibim Baps, HotPot and Jjiage Sets.

With more choices of delectable items that are not only easy on the pocket, they’re also a sure way to fill your hungry tummies! From the casual and chatty atmosphere, friendly staff and great tasting food, Seoul Garden HotPot is the perfect place for you.

So if you’re wondering where to get that Bibim Bap or HotPot that you’ve been craving for, head on over to Seoul Garden HotPot!

BREEKS! The American Restaurant Café was set up 1997 to tap into the fast growing consumer demand for coffee and motif café in the late 1990s. Using American icons such as Route 66, Betty Boop and Life Magazine to decorate the café from the walls to the tables and pillars, the brand provides a cosy and American feel to the trendy food diners.

BREEKS Café served a wide variety of delectable a-la-carte meals and is famous for our Chef’s very own BBQ half Chicken in Smoked or Rosemary Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and varieties of pasta menu. In addition, a wide selection of yummy milkshakes, mocktails and ice-blended drinks are available in their drinks menu. All at affordable prices to give their customer good value for money!