about Zingrill vouchers

This is just a Bibim Bap which a Zingrill voucher can buy at Seoul Garden Hotpot, Harbourfront Centre. Besides this, it can be used at any of our Zingrill restaurants like Seoul Garden, BREEKS Cafe and even for our catering, take-out and in the future office-delivery services.

We have value denominated types of $20, $50 and $100. These can be bought at any of our restaurant establishments.

But if you wish to buy for your staff, or on behalf of your staff (co-payment between your organisation and your staff: organisation subsidize some, and your staffs pay the balance) we can assist you with bulk buy benefits. Some organisations prefer to conceal the values and award it to staffs as a complimentary meal, with drinks and dessert included, we can customise the vouchers as well.

*$10 denomination is no longer available

Zingrill Bibim Bap
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