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Discount Calculator
Bulk discount are offered to customers who are buying with a minimum nominated value of $500. We give 10% discount for a minimum order of $500 in value, discount only applied to vouchers purchased and issued by Marketing department (HQ). An example of how it works will be:

Minimum order $500

Discount 10%

Invoice amount $450.

There will be no GST and service charge on the invoice as these are tallied at the restaurant establishment. Meaning: a customer who orders a BREEKS meal that totals to $21; with GST and service charge, the total bill is about $24.70. With a $20 denominated voucher, the customer will fork out $4.70 in additional.

However, we do have customers who do not want to show the value of the voucher and we can offer that as well; this is what we call customised print and this is very popular with our Seoul Garden brand. The recipient of the voucher is getting a full meal without forking out a single cent. This is really hassle-free.

For orders above $500, we are offering discretionary discount based on the extent of the order.

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